Board of Directors

16th Board of Directors and Resume


main experience

Lee Chi Li

Master,Business Administration (MBA) from Oxford Brookes University
Yung Shin Pharmaceutical Industrial Co. (YSP)
Vice President,Health Business Div.

Lee Fang Yu

PhD,College of Pharmacy,China Medical University
Chairman,Yung Shin Pharmaceutical Industrial Co.(YSP)

Lee Fang Hsin

PhD,Pacific Western University,USA
Chairman,YungShin Global Holding Corporation

Lee Fang Chen

PhD,Institute of Intellectual Property,China University of Political Science and Law
Enterprise Management Institute,Tunghai University
PhD,University of Minnesota Medical Chemistry
Department of Pharmacy, Private Taipei Medical College Bachelor
Chairman,YungShin Pharm. Ind. (KS) Co., Ltd.
Taiwan Pharmaceutical Manufacturer's Association Executive director
Taiwan Pharmaceutical Manufacture and Development Association director

Chiang Hung Wen

United Engineering College
General affairs manager,Yung Shin Pharmaceutical Industrial Co. (YSP)

Hsin-Peng Shiahhou

PhD,NCCU Department of Business Administration
Associate Professor,Fu Jen Catholic University Department of Business Administration

Independent Director
Tsay Yang Tzong

PhD,Accounting at the University of Maryland
Professor, Dean, Dean, Accounting,National Taiwan University

Independent Director
Wu Tzi Sheng

Master of Laws,Duke University
Master of Laws,National Taiwan University
Secretary,Taichung City Government Legislative Affairs Bureau
Chairman,Taichung Bar Association
Arbitrator, Mediator,Arbitration Association of the Republic of China

Independent Director
Sha Jin Kang

Bachelor,Department of Chemistry,Tunghai University
Master's degree, The State University of New Jersey
Phd,Cornell University Institute of Chemistry
Chairman,Youhua Technology Co., Ltd.
Director/Professor,Department of Chemistry, National Tsing Hua University
Director,Natural Science Development Division, National Science Association, Executive Yuan